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TVRCC has been involved in rural transport for several years, hosting the Rural Transport Partnership (2001 - 2006) and a Rural Transport Liaison Project (2006 - 2008).

Currently John Gregory works as Transport Advisor to lead the organisation's transport work, the overall purpose of which is "to support and develop successful transport activity within the Tees Valley to ensure accessibility and develop sustainability through service innovation, integrating funding and a partnership approach."

TVRCC has built up a network of transport contacts and partner organisations which put it in a unique position to play a key role.

Our current core work for Defra aims to maintain or improve access to transport and local services, particularly in the light of public spending cuts. It ranges from informing and influencing the plans and policies of statutory and other organisations, campaigning and lobbying on rural issues, undertaking and commissioning relevant research and development, to working with local people to enable them to identify and respond to local needs.

Our new Tees Valley Transport Brokerage Project is led by TVRCC working from bases at Skinningrove Link-Up in East Cleveland and eVOLution in Darlington.

It is a 3 year project funded by the BIG Lottery's Reaching Communities Grant Programme and ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) which will extend TVRCC’s successful minibus brokerage scheme in East Cleveland to cover the west Tees Valley .

A minibus brokerage brings together individuals and groups who need safe, affordable transport with locally owned minibuses. The brokerage service provides residents with greater travel opportunities whilst earning increased revenue for minibus owner / operators by maximising usage of their vehicles. It is a win win situation where the community benefits from increased travel opportunities - from a 'one stop shop' where bookings are taken and vehicles and drivers allocated - while usage of local minibuses is increased.

The new project also aims to develop volunteer car schemes and demand-responsive services to enhance our community transport provision in order to cater for individuals as well as community groups.

The project will also provide minibus driver training in both boroughs to the nationally recognised MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) standard. Our current team of volunteer drivers are all MiDAS qualified to ensure the comfort and safety of all passenger categories in fully accessible vehicles.

Tees Valley Transport Brokerage has also recently started to work on and are rolling out a new Car Scheme called the Community Car Scheme. The Community Car Scheme is ran from the head office in Middlesbrough, the idea of the car scheme is to use volunteer drivers to help get vulnerable people to Hospital appointments, shopping trips and other pressing appointments.

We also host the Tees Valley Community Transport Forum and are partners in local authority Local Sustainable Transport projects.

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