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Partnership Projects

TVRCC works in partnership with a range of other groups, organisations and agencies to fulfil its aims and objectives and deliver a high standard of service to those we consider to be the most important of all: our members and the communities we assist. Below is a brief introduction to the projects we are currently involved with:

Community Agents Project

Helping vulnerable people remain independent in their own home is the key message for a new project in Redcar and Cleveland. Three Community Agents within Tees Valley Rural Community Council will be working alongside health and social care practitioners to engage with the voluntary sector to help make a difference.

Tees Valley Transport Project

This Project is led by TVRCC working from its head office in Middlesbrough. Currently we have a samll 10 seater accessible minibus available for hire by Community Groups in the Tees Valley area, Two 16 seater fully accessible minibuses are on order which have the capability of carrying two wheel chair users and 8 able bodies people at any one time.

Community Car Scheme

The Community Car Scheme uses Volunteer Drivers to assist those most in need of transport, vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals.

The person wishing to make a journey contacts the office with details of their need, A volunteer driver is contacted to check availability, A calculation of the cost is then made (45p) per mile plus 1 admin charge per journey, The person wishing to undertake the journey is contacted the price is agreed and the journey takes place. The volunteer driver gets the 45p per mile and TVRCC gets the 1.

Step Forward Tees Valley

TVRCC are a delivery partner of Step Forward Tees Valley.

Skelton Townscape Heritage Project

We are Partners in the delivery of this 1.5 million Heritage Lottery Project in East Cleveland. Along with Skelton Villages Civic Pride, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, the Skelton & Brotton Parish Council and a range of local interests we have assisted in bringing the Project forward from its early inception in 2014 to the current Delivery Phase. We provided the initial seed funding for the original application. Now, as well as contributing to strategy and management, we employ the Manager and provide the office base and office services all on behalf of the Project.