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Digital Outreach Project

Digital TV is coming to Tees Valley so get ready for the Switchover!

But donít worry, there is plenty of support!

Click the link below to find out about the Digital Switchover Small Grants Scheme.

  • Digital Switchover Small Grants Scheme
  • Stage 1: 12th September 2012 Stage 2: 26th September 2012

    What is the Help Scheme?

    For a one-off payment of £40 eligible people can get:

    Who is eligible for the Help Scheme?

    People are eligible if:

    However, this service is FREE for eligible people who also get:

    The Help Scheme contact number is 0800 40 85 90 or visit for more details.

    For general information about the digital switchover in the Tees Valley area anyone can Contact Digital UK on 0845 650 50 50 or visit for help.

    For more information on local events or to invite one of our team to join an event or meeting that you are having to talk to you about the switchover, contact Andrew Samuel, the TVRCC Digital Switchover Project Coordinator on 01642 201 096 or via email at